InShop Branding

InShop Branding

In Shop Branding has become an essential part of offline marketing for the companies that are willing to create a buzz in the industry by using the long-lasting marketing strategy of brand visibility. It involves repetitive exposure of the brand in innovative ways to increase its visibility as well as awareness among the target audience. In shop branding in modern marketing world is closely associated with mall activation, mela and haat activation, exhibition stall fabrication and product launch.


“Sell the sizzle, not the steak” is the guiding principle of sales promotion in contemporary era. There were days when in shop branding was a simple technique of putting poster size hoardings and banners on the walls and shutters of local shops and showrooms. No doubt, such practices are still prevalent in rural marketing and are a popular way of successfully increasing brand visibility for grocery items and household products. However, the scope of in shop branding has increased manifolds in urban areas where people are brand conscious and prefer quality over quantity. To outperform in the market where there is shoulder-to-shoulder competition in the selling of almost every product, marketers must appeal to more than the just than practical needs of potential customers.


Brand visibility goes hand in hand with brand awareness to make strong reputation leading to higher sale resulting greater profit potential. Brand visibility need to persuade the end users of the product to think that the product being promoted is somehow popular and better than the competitive products available in the market even though there is no discernable difference. Therefore, in shop branding includes creating an appeal rather than just putting poster advertisements on the walls.

We at Zep have expertise in creating unique designs for interiors of shops, showrooms and exhibition stalls in malls highlighting the characteristics of the product to be promoted and its benefits for the target audience so that the end consumers can feel connected with the brand. Our contemporary methodology, product research and impeccable management have made us the trusted partners for companies seeking customized mall and in-shop activation services providers. McVitie’s digestive cookies, DELL, Iris Jewels, Samsol Hair Colour and Chicco are few to name among the patrons whom we have rendered services for in-shop and exhibition stall fabrication.

ZEP is a team of young and talented professionals having hands-on experience in events and promotions. We are trusted upon for our innovative ideas and well-planned strategies to execute branding campaigns immaculately. From branding to rebranding and product launch to product promotion, we cater to diverse needs of discerning entrepreneurs and corporate units as their advertisement partner. As mall and in-shop activation agency, we endeavour to achieve the high standards of customer satisfaction by maximizing the effectiveness of promotional campaigns of our clients.