Rural Activations

Rural Activations

“Go Rural” – is the new slogan in today’s time for both domestic as well as multi-national companies looking for the opportunities to expand their business in India. With more than two-third of the country’s population still residing in rural areas, the Indian rural market has a huge demand base that offers great opportunities to marketers. Rural advertising services include increasing brand visibility and popularity in villages and far off areas that involves display of banners, hoardings and stickers in cinema halls, shops, walls on pavements and wells. Rural marketing services might include promotional campaigns in haats, wall paintings and advertisements on cycle rickshaws and auto-rickshaws.

Other rural activation services could include road shows and door-to-door advertisement by demonstrating and distributing free samples, conducting surveys and educating the end users about the product usage and its advantages. Since the majority of rural population in India is not exposed to contemporary mass media and online communication, conventional media plays an integral role in generating brand awareness. Events like festivals and fairs offer a great platform for brand promotion and communication between local buyers and marketers. And only an expert rural advertising agency knows to make the optimum utilization of these marketing platforms to popularize and promote products of their clients.

Importance of rural marketing in India has increased with the fact that in the last decade income in rural areas has grown manifold, resulting in a huge market yet to be tapped. Moreover, with the rapidly increasing cost of living in urban areas, the spending capacity has decreased. The companies seeking to establish and grow their business in the vast country have no option but to reach their potential clients residing in the villages to enhance product popularity and maximize their profits in long term.

Understanding the potentiality of rural marketing is indispensible in the era of globalization. In comparison to consumer durable market for electronic products growing annually upto 10 per cent in urban areas, the rural market is growing at the rate of 25 per cent a year. As said by Venugopal Dhoot, the chairman of Videocon Appliances, “The rural market is growing faster than urban India now”, it becomes essential for the companies focusing on making their products a big success in the country handle the task of product and brand promotion tactfully in rural India.

Marketing and sales promotion activities in village areas can be handled by the company itself but it is preferred to be outsourced to a rural advertising agency that has the expertise to promote products to people who may not be formally literate but are updated about the world through television and radio. This way the company can concentrate more on their core business, leaving the responsibility of reaching the masses to promote their product on the experts.

We at Richmen are a team of young and talented professionals having hands-on experience in events and promotions. As a rural activation agency, we endeavour to achieve the high standards of customer satisfaction by maximizing the effectiveness of the rural marketing campaigns of our clients. From branding to rebranding and product launch to product promotion, we cater to diverse needs of discerning entrepreneurs and corporate units as their advertisement partner.