Mela & Haats Activations

Mela & Haats Activations

Mela and Haat Activation is an effective form of branding, rebranding and product launch. Irrespective of the industry a product or a service belong to its availability in the market is known by its visibility and appeal to the customers. Earlier an integral part of rural marketing, mela and haat activation services are gaining popularity in urban areas too especially during the festive season.

Importance of mela and haat activation in rural marketing lies in the fact that melas and haats gather a huge number of potential customers at a single venue which is beneficial for companies seeking to promote their products massively across the country. Most of the people living in villages visit haats, commonly known as weekly markets, for trading and purchasing purposes. Catering to the needs of upto 50 surrounding villages, each haat draws tens of thousands of villagers. Hence, they are a great platform to promote products and services in rural areas. Mela or fairs in villages are mass gatherings of people from far and near for fun, food and shopping purposes during festive season. As a result, products and services promoted in haats and melas attain good exposure as well as familiarity among the potential customers in rural India.

The concept of mela and haat activation is gaining popularity in the cosmopolitan cities of India too. Besides just traditional weekly markets, there are upscale haats in cities where an array of the products and services are available ranging from home decor items to fashion accessories to handicrafts to food to fun and gaming activities for kids and adults. Occasionally, there are theme based exhibitions also at these haats. Such haats usually remain crowded during weekends with people of different age-groups having diverse needs and tastes for they are one stop source for outing, shopping and entertainment. Thus, haat activation in urban India offers a good platform to the companies seeking to enhance their brand visibility among people of all ages and different income groups.


And if we talk about fairs in urban areas, there are a number of fairs, commonly called mela, organized during festive season by various communities on the occasions such as Teej, Dussehra, Durga Puja and Diwali comprising of folk dances and drama performances for education and entertainment purposes, shopping and food stalls, and swings and gaming zones. They offer a great platform for new product launches, advertisement of existing brands and enhancement of visibility for rebranding purposes.

Potentiality of mela and haat activation has increased in marketing scenario of urban areas that combines haat and mela campaigns with mall activation. With the increasing number of malls and their popularity in cities, event companies organise haats and fairs in malls which lasts mostly up to a few days or a week. This has led to new trend of haat activation in malls, where gathering people doesn’t require special promotions as they are popular hubs for meeting, dining, shopping and entertainment. Haat activation in malls enhances word of mouth marketing of the products and services as people tend to share their experiences with family and friends face to face and through social media.

Horlicks, Maruti Suzuki, Colgate, BSNL, Ayur and Idea have trusted upon our branding services through mela and haat activation campaigns to enhance the visibility and awareness of their products and services. Mela and haat activation services range from sponsorships to exhibition stalls to distribution of free samples. With our innovative ideas and creative designs for exhibition stall fabrications, we highlight the characteristics of the product or service to be promoted and its benefits to the users so as to develop a connection between the brand and its consumer.